Segals take flight

Just yesterday, I bumped into an old friend who asked why it’s been so long since the Wandering Segals blogged. I had to admit that, of late, the Wandering Segals have been more like the Sedentary Segals. Since selling the Beast in October last year we have only made one trip to Sydney, one trip to Caloundra, one to Clear Mountain and two to Melbourne; we are clearly not up to scratch.

However that is all about to change as of next Sunday when we take flight again. This time we are embarking on an eight week exploration of the Northern Rim of the Pacific.

Below is our itinerary.


22-23 April 2018: Fly from Brisbane to Tokyo

23-27 April 2018: 4 Days in Tokyo

27 April 2018: Board cruise around Japan & South Korea to Alaska

12-14 May 2018: Anchorage, Alaska

14-15 May 2018: Denali National Park

16 May 2018: Anchorage, Alaska

17 May 2018: Fly to Vancouver

18/30 May 2018: Canadian Rockies Guided Tour

30 May – 6 June 2018: Inner Passage of Alaska Cruise

6-10 June 2018: Vancouver

11-12 June 2018: Fly to Hong Kong

15 June 2018: Return to Brisbane


See you around the traps.


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