Anchored down in Anchorage

It’s been a day and a half since we disembarked the Golden Princess in Whittier, Alaska to a balmy 2°C and to tell you the truth, the earth is still moving for me. I’m hoping it’s not an earth tremor, for I’m told they’re very common here on the junction of two great tectonic plates.

The crossing of northern Pacific Ocean was not too bad especially as we were fortunate enough to be upgraded from an inside cabin to one with a window. There were only a couple of days when we felt the need to wear our “Sea-Bands” (wrist bands that apply pressure much like acupuncture to relieve motion sickness) and also pop a few “Kwells” as the movement of the ship mimicked my favourite ride at Luna Park called the “Turkey Trot“, where you walk along two planks simultaneously, as one rises up the other falls, so that with each step you take, either one comes up to meet you or falls away under your foot. So it was as we attempted to traverse the ship from bow to stern, never knowing where the next foot would fall.

At times the eight-day ocean crossing was long and tedious, and towards the end, cabin fever was setting in, never more so than on the 7th of May, as we were counting down the days till we once again set foot on terra firma only to discover that one 7th of May was to be followed by yet another one the very next day, as we crossed the international date line in an easterly direction. Shades of Ground Hog Day.

I must give the ships crew credit as they endeavoured to keep us, who still had our sea legs, well fed and entertained. There was all manner of games and shows to attend. From the obligatory ice carving and cooking demonstrations, to a take off of the popular reality show, ”The Voice“ complete with rotating chairs.

Some shows were almost full-scale theatre productions, with up to 14 singers and dancers appearing in well choreographed performances, complete with multiple elaborate stage designs and costume changes.

Some were exceptional but some missed the mark a little, like “Motor City”, the tribute show to Motown with the all white cast; Stevie Wonder would be rolling his eyes and Marvin Gaye, turning in his grave.

Some shows were great and very appropriate for the predominately “baby boomer” passengers, like “The British Invasion”, which was filled to capacity, and everyone knew the lyrics to all the old songs. But I think the irony was lost on most as the entire auditorium was belting out the words to “My Generation“, by The Who; when they got to the line, “Yeah, I hope I die before I get old”, I was the only one laughing as 90% of the audience were already living on borrowed time, being well past their three score years and ten.

After having spent a pleasant Mother’s Day in and around Anchorage today, (Happy Mother’s Day to all my lady friends out there) tomorrow we head for the hills and leave behind this mild weather (2°C to 11°C); destination, Denali National Park, with forecasted temperatures of between -2°C to 9°C, we may even get the odd snow squall. Good thing I packed my long-johns.

On the road to Matanuska Glacier today

2 thoughts on “Anchored down in Anchorage

  1. My dear Susan,
    You never cease to `Amaze’ I feel as if I have done that thing. I know about the ground coming up to hit you after you walk off that heaving vessel! Enjoy the moments!



  2. Evelyn Charles

    I love your humour, you have the most wonderful in writing your exploits. Wish you could do the May newsletter.!!!!!! Lots of love Ev


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